Hello world!

Welcome to the launch of VanValley’ s Individual and Corporate Buyers Club Box Program.

Stay tuned for our New Website to be launched in March of 2012.  

QUICK FACTS and Cool things about VanValley:

  • We Are a weekly box program that you pickup.  We have two locations: 14th and Cambie (TBC) and 28th and St George.
  • VanValley saves you money!  Between 25%-40%
  • VanValley is a not an ordering system (it is filled with what is in season). As Ron likes to say with “seasonal surprises”.
  • The summer program runs for 17 weeks.  Should you be away, as long as we get know by the Monday prior to your Thursday pickup, your poundage can be applied to a bigger box upon your return or held for bulk purchasing for freezing, canning or other preserving.
  • We are committed to bringing you local, sustainably farmed, fresh quality produce.  Our farms are small to medium family farms.  They are not certified organic.  Some grow organically, others grow with traditional farming practices.
  • In addition to our Household Buyers club we offer services to Corporate members through our Buyer’s Club tailored to meet the needs of Local restaurants.  Please contact us directly for more information vanvalley.info@gmail.com
Please read on for more information.

We are a local, farmer lead, Buyers Club based in Vancouver British Columbia.  We are similar to a  CSA – community supported agriculture- except members assume less risk.   Members buy in for the season or sign up for a box, “paying in advance” for produce that will be received over a given period of time.

Our lead farmers are Ron Tamis (of www.rondriso.com) and Loren Taves (of www.applebarn.ca).  Together with team of Associate farmers, we will be bringing you some incredible produce.

Our first Summer Box program begins in the first week of July, 2011.   The program will run for 17 weeks.  We are offering a choice of one of our two pick up locations:   The Marche St George (at 28th and St George) with our second location at The Local Fresh Food Market (formerly the Cambie Market at 14th and Cambie).

Sign up begins in March.  We have a limited number of boxes.  We are starting small and getting it right!

Let’s support the farmers and LOCAL sustainable food systems and spread the word!

There will be four boxes to choose from:

  • Box A: Sm.Veg and Fruit (66% /33%)= $401.71 ($23.63 a week)
  • Box B: Med.Veg and Fruit (66% /33%) = $669.46 ($39.38 wk)
  • Box C: Lg. Veg and Fruit (66% /33%) = $946.73 ($55.69 wk)
  • Box D: Lg. Veg and Fruit (50% / 50%)= $946.73 ($55.69 wk)
    Pricing confirmed on  February 17 2012. 

VanValley saves you money!

How VanValley saves you money!

Please see BUYERS CLUB  page for detailed breakdown of our pricing as well as our comparison shop!  

Sign up for our mailing list or contact us for details.   VanValley.info@gmail.com

We are also on Facebook – give us a like! http://www.facebook.com/vanvalley


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hello Everyone.
    This is just the beginning. Stay tuned as our site evolves.

  2. Hi everyone.
    After a bit of delay pricing is now up. Thank you for your patience.
    Stay tuned as over the next few weeks we will post the estimated poundage per box as well as a comprehensive production schedule (which is of course a guide – we know how nature has its ways…).
    Come see us at the Winter Farmers Market at Nat Bailey on April 30th we will be there for sign up and to answer any questions!

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