VanValley: is the coming together of two local farms working together to establish a small to medium working cluster.  The focus of VanValley is to provide  buyers club clients with the best LOCAL produce at competitive pricing.

Integral to the philosophy of the Buying Club approach are values similar to other more traditional CSA’s (community supported agriculture).  We believe that through food and supporting sustainable LOCAL food systems we are also building relationships and community.  We see this especially at our weekly pickups, where it becomes a time to pickup some of your weekly food and also a time to connect with neighbors, friends, and the farmers.

VanValley food connection is committed to foster this kind of “connection” and we encourage you to bring your ideas and community spirit.  Please let us know if you have a suggestion for events or how we may better work toward these goals.   As VanValley evolves we aim to utilize our tools in order to be as comprehensive a community resource as we possible.


The Tamis Family

Rondriso Farms:

Ron Tamis (full bio coming soon)
Ron Tamis and his family live and work in Surrey.  They specialize in root crops a wonderful
Pumpkin Patch and * Sweet Corn.

The Taves Family

The Apple Barn:

Loren Taves and his family live in Abbotsford. (full bio coming soon)  Their –acre property is host to  greenhouses as well as their orchards. They also have a seasonal Pumpkin Patch with lots of family fun.


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