Buyers Club

What is a Buyers Club?

Similar to a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – the buyer’s club supports the farmer through the advanced purchase of a member share.  You in essence, purchase your vegetables in advance.

We offer both individual and corporate options.


Individual boxes are delivered to one of our two pickup locations and members come weekly to receive their “box”.  We request that members bring their own carrier bags in order to further reduce cost and waste.

WHEN DOES IT START: This year our summer box program begins early July and will run for 17 weeks.

WHEN ARE THE PICK-UPS: The pickup window will be on Thursday afternoon and specific to each of the locations.

SUMMER BOX      Cost per wk Total pounds * Admin cost Veg/Fruit % ** Minimum Varieties*
NAME / Total  17weeks Estimated 10%            Balance             Number of types of products  per box.
BOX A: $357 $21  7-10 Lbs $2.1 66 / 33 6 to 10
Box B:  $595 $35 11-14 Lbs $3.50 66 / 33  10 to 15
Box C : $842 $49.50 15-22 Lbs $4.95  66 / 33  15 to 20
Box D: $842 $49.50 13-18 Lbs $4.95  50 / 50 10 to 15
* Please note that these are estimations,  some fluctuation to be expected due to  seasonal pricing and availability and will adjusted accordingly.
* Our calculations and sizing are based on both a poundage and piece process (in order to manage expected price and seasonal flucutations).  Please see CONFIRMED POUNDAGE .
** Percentages represent the split between vegetable and fruit (incl.specialty items such as mushrooms, artichokes and garlic).  The veg. percentage is split evenly between our two lead farms.


The following is a detailed look at our comparison shop done prior to our summer 2011 season.

Our comparison shopping list and experience.

What was in each of my bags!


  • If you are interested in signing up please email us and we will send you our survey.
  • From here we will followup with registration information and organize payment details.
  • Or please see our registration schedule (where we will be having onsite sign up) and come sign up directly!
  • Send it to a friend: we are a grass roots kind of organization so word of mouth is very important.  If you know someone who might be interested, please spread the word.

A one page flyer about the VanValley Buyers Club


We will be serving a small number of local businesses with our buyers club.  The Corporate Box functions similar to the Individual program in that members pay in advance, however payment based upon an overall set poundage that is then allocated according to the clients needs (as ordered) over the course of the 17 weeks.

Corporate clients will be able to view the weekly produce list the week prior and order directly from our Production Manager and lead farmer, Ron Tamis.          Deliveries are Thursday am (unless otherwise arranged).

If you are interested please contact us directly so we can set up a meeting time. Corporate orders are tailored to meet each clients needs.  We are currently seeking clients and would love to speak with you.

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