How it works? Policies and Procedures

Our VanValley “rules” are meant to be simple and keep your weekly experience easy and fun:

Cancellation policy (of your weekly pickup): We require notification by the Monday (at noon) prior to your Thursday pick up should you not be able to pickup your box.  With notice, you can use your poundage towards a bulk purchase ( we will let you know as your poundage accumulates, all bulk ordering goes through our corporate process and must be done in advance).

If you do not pickup your box, we will either distribute it through the location, donate or resell.  We do not have the facilities to store boxes at this time.

Pickups: We require members to bring their own carrying devices (bags, bins, carts) into which they can transfer their orders.  Please remember that especially during peak fruit season – bringing extra bags or small containers for fruit will help not only save the environment but overall costs (thus more money to the farmers and infrastructure for future planting!)

Ordering: This is not an order based system.  Members choose which box that they want at the beginning of the season.  All ordering is done exclusively through the Corporate process and is for orders over 100lbs weekly.

Payment: We require a deposit of $200 upon registration.  Payment in full must be received by the beginning of the box deliveries unless otherwise arranged.   Additionally we are offering some payment plan options (with post dated cheques).  Please speak to us directly about this option.  

For More detail regarding these policies and also our pickup process please see our A Few Points to Keep in Mind FINAL


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