Hello Buyers Club Members!

As a member of the VanValley Buyers Club the following information is to provide you a general guide for the summer 2011 season.

Seasonal Schedule:   The following is a rough guide of what and when to expect your produce.  Please remember that this is not exact and weather does determine availability.  If you do not see something that you want please let us know.   

Bulk ordering:  Individual box members are able to also either supplement there boxes or use rolled over poundage through a “bulk” purchase through our corporate division.  This is particularly valuable for those of you who are interested in preserving (such as canning, pickling and freezing).  The schedule is here so that you may plan your ordering.  Please let us know if you are interested in this option so that we may keep you informed regarding availability.

*If you anticipate allocating a portion of your box poundage to bulk please let us know as this does impact weekly planning.

Online Production Schedule

 Weekly Schedule (posted every Tuesday beginning July 5th)

  • The list.  This is the list of weekly ingredients.  At each location there will also be a trading bin in order to make exchanges or trades if there are items that you absolutely will not use.  There will also be a limited supply of overstock that will be brought for cash purchase.

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