Our signup process is either in person or made easier with a little bit of technology.  We are promoting primarily through email, the farmers market (and like events), on site registration at either of our pickup locations and of course – WORD OF MOUTH!  Please help us spread the word.  Upon registration you will be emailed a flyer as we hope that you will pass on our info to others who you think may be interested.  Thank you.

To confirm registration you have two choices:

  • IN PERSON: come see us during one of posted registration times!  First we will give you a survey to fill out.  Please bring a deposit cheque ($200) and then post dated cheques for the remainder of the box cost. Payment confirms registration. We will followup with an email.
  • ONLINE: you can reserve your spot by emailing us your interest and I will then send you the link to fill out our survey online. However your registration will not be confirmed until receipt of payment, which can be dropped off at either pickup locations.  If you bring your payment during our registration times, we will provide you with a receipt.  If you leave your payment for us (at either location), receipts can picked up at the second box delivery.
If you are paying in cash – please arrange to pay in person.
PLEASE NOTE: we want to maintain a minimum amount of work for our location partners.  Staff are able to provide you with basic information (we love you!) and in some cases will hold cheques and communications for us.  Please see location notes for details.         
Our Summer 2011 box is up and running.  If you are interested in a late signup please send us an email
We have no current signup sessions scheduled.
We were at:

Car Free Day – June 19th – 12-8pm Sunday (Fathers Day)  We will be in the Veg Zone (estimated to be around 19th and Main).  For more information

Brock Community Days – June 16th Thursday

The Spot Prawn Festival – May 7th – from 11-2pm

The Joy of Feeding – May 15 – from 11-3pm


3 responses to “REGISTRATION

  1. Caroline King

    Hello there,
    I gathered information on your program yesterday at The Marche St. George and want to join! My husband and I would like to order the small box ($357). Please send me the survey and I will drop off payment at The Marche on Tuesday, May 17th. One question – is ok to leave cash?
    Thanks in advance – really looking to participating!
    Caroline King

    • Hello – Wonderful!
      I will email you directly the survey link. We are able to accept cash or chq – the staff at the Marche are kindly receiving payments for us. There is a signing sheet attached to the envelope at the cash counter where you can leave your particulars. If you have concerns about cash – but are not able to make one of our signup sessions – I would suggest dropping off a cheque. However I will make sure to make a pickup and deposit on Tuesday. Thank you again!

  2. Here is a quick update with a few notes.


    Date: The first pickup will be July 7th as scheduled.

    Time: 4-7pm


    1. Le Marche St George (at 28th and St George)

    2. The local Fresh Food Market (at 14th and Cambie)

    Please note: The first box will be a little light due to the weather as of late which has delayed the season. However, the farmers will throw in a few surprises as well as they have assured me that they will make up for it as the summer progresses.

    Due to the large number of online sign-ups, there will be a “policy” or “how we work” sheet at the sign in table. We will be asking all of our members read and initial the document to indicate that they have received and understand how the VanValley Summer box is running. This information will also be included for advanced reading in your first email newsletter.

    Policy notes: We will require email notification of an “away” (a missed pickup) to be submitted no later than the Monday of the week that will be missed. This is a change from the 48hrs that we had previously noted, as this won’t allow enough time for the farmers to revise picking and packing.

    Receipts: Receipts for all payments (not made in person) will be available at pickups after July 14th.

    Sign Up or Registration Update: We are currently sitting at approximately 75 members. Given our late start, we are extremely pleased with this figure, however we would love to sign up a few more in the coming weeks (between 20-50). Please spread the word that we are still taking registration, and that any latecomers can be accommodated either through a pro-rated membership, or by placing bulk orders for missed pick-ups.

    Newsletters: We plan to update the website weekly with important information in addition to special features. These features will include recipe, some surprises, along with the weekly produce list. Once a month a newsletter will be sent out to our member email list. The newsletters will be archived on the VanValley website

    Bulk: For those of you who wish to can or freeze for the winter months, bulk produce will be available through two formats:

    1. By using up any accumulated poundage. That is, if you miss any weeks for pick-up (holidays, etc) your produce for that week can be banked and used at a later date. Please note we require email notification of any missed pick-ups by Monday of the week that will b missed.

    2. By purchasing over and above your summer share through our corporate division.

    Please send Alanna an email ( after the first week or speak to Alanna on the pickup day if you are interested in, or have questions about, bulk ordering.

    Volunteers: Ah yes. We need a few volunteers…

    What we need at the moment: social media team (folks to send out to facebook etc).

    Pickup team: we need a few people to commit to a weekly or monthly shift at one of our pickup locations. In particular I am looking for someone to either commit to, or share, a shift at the Cambie location.

    Thank you all! We are getting excited and it has been great to hear the same from some of you as well.

    See you soon.


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